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Creative Live! Cam Connect HD фото
— производитель: Creative (Креатив)
— модель: Live! Cam Connect HD
— веб-камера
— разрешение видео 1280x720
— подключение через USB 2.0
— встроенный микрофон
— автоматическая фокусировка
— артикул WC0-12283

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Описание и обзор Creative Live! Cam Connect HD

Я отложил все дела и решил сделать обзор, у меня в руках веб-камера Креатив, полное название Creative Live! Cam Connect HD. Камера у меня уже 10 месяцев, хочу поделиться с вами моими впечатлениями. Неплохая камера за свои деньги, конечно есть решения в линейке Creative получше, но что есть, то есть. Менять пока не планирую, устраивает на 99%. Разрешение отснятого видео 1280x720 пикселей, подключается к порту USB 2.0. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.

The Creative Live! Cam Connect HD 1080p Webcam. A full HD Webcam paired with a comprehensive software package, but is it worth the money?
I want to apologise for not actually showing the software features on screen but as I say multiple times in the video it was crashing over and over and by the time I did that take I'd had enough of reshooting.
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Music by 'Tekonoaxe' Creative Live! Cam Connect HD 1080p Webcam VF0760 Review
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Live! Cam Connect HD 1080 is the first webcam to incorporate Creative's CrystalVoice technology. Working together with its built-in dual stereo microphones, it further enhances your video chat experience, transmitting crisp, clear audio all the time. Along with a suite of other CrystalVoice technologies such as Voice Focus and Noise Reduction, be ready for an amazing chatting experience like never before.
• Capture and share Full HD 1080p quality videos
• Communicate in crystal clear voice with the dual stereo microphones using CrystalVoice Technology
• Get detailed images and video easily with auto focus
• Enjoy 720p HD video chats with most major instant messaging services
• Live! Central 3 with integrated surveillance software to help you monitor your home, kids and business remotely from your mobile phone and PC
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- Creative (@CreativeLabs) Live! Cam Connect HD web camera, featuring a liquid crystal auto focus lens, noise-canceling microphone and Skype certification for 720p HD video calls at up to 30 fps. the Live! Cam Connect HD features built-in H.264 hardware video processing to ensure smooth, fast video without compromising image quality or taxing PC system resources.
The Creative Live! Cam Connect HD includes the robust Live! Central 3 software suite, which provides advanced video and audio effects, avatar creation, movie creation, desktop sharing features and remote monitoring capabilities from a phone or PC.
Creative Live! Cam Connect HD Technical Specifications
720p HD sensor
1280 x 720 video resolution
8 megapixel picture resolution*
30 fps frame rate @ 720p quality
Auto focus liquid crystal lens
Integrated noise-canceling microphone
Plug chat with Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 and Linux 2.6
Snapshot button
*software enhanced
Over the pass few weeks of testing, i was a bit disappointed in the video quality. Recorded at 1280-by-720 in H.264 mode i found that the video quality had a noisy/grainy background and some times pixelated around my face. The auto-focus did work well but sometimes a bit over the top.
Software side of things was not too bad, i like the fancy features like visual effects and voice affects, plus the ability to edit your video and upload to YouTube and Fackebook was a big plus for me. The only downside to the software is: it only works on windows and not on the mac. This is not a big deal as the hardware works on windows and mac, but i would like to see the software side of things work its way to the mac, as you can have a lot of fun with the visual effects and voice affects and i do think it be a good upgrade for creative to do sometime down the line.
Putting all that aside, i still thing the Creative Live! Cam Connect HD is not a bad webcam, it would be a good upgrade from vga webcam?s and many built in webcam?s that you find on some laptops.
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Podcast: Review by PDA.sk
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  • Всё заработало, но изображение не сфокусировано, где крутить фокусировку?
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Видео с веб-камеры Creative Live! Cam Connect HD

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