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Philips SPC621NC/00 фото
— производитель: Philips (Филипс)
— модель: SPC621NC/00
— веб-камера с матрицей 0.3 МП
— разрешение видео 640x480
— подключение через USB 2.0
— встроенный микрофон
— функция слежения за лицом
— артикул WC0-48777

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Описание и обзор Philips SPC621NC/00

Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре веб-камера Филипс с матрицей 0.3 МП, полное название Philips SPC621NC/00. Камера у меня уже 8 месяцев, хочу поделиться с вами моими впечатлениями. Неплохая камера за свои деньги, конечно есть решения в линейке Philips получше, но что есть, то есть. Менять пока не планирую, устраивает на 99%. Разрешение отснятого видео 640x480 пикселей, подключается к порту USB 2.0. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.

01. Beauty and the Beast (From 'Beauty and the Beast') (0:00)
02. Someday My Prince Will Come (From 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs') (04:15)
03. Alice in Wonderland (From 'Alice in Wonderland') (07:49)
04. La La Lu (From 'Lady and the Tramp') (12:28)
05. Winnie the Pooh (From 'Winnie the Pooh') (16:05)
06. The Second Star to the Right (From 'Peter Pan') (20:09)
07. Colors of the Wind (From 'Pocahontas') (24:31)
08. Reflection (From 'Mulan') (29:02)
09. Once Upon a Dream (From 'Sleeping Beauty') (33:38)
10. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From 'The Lion King') (38:13)
01. Let It Go (From 'Frozen') (42:01)
02. Part of Your World (From 'The Little Mermaid') (46:36)
03. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (From 'Cinderella') (51:24)
04. When She Loved Me (From 'Toy Story 2') (56:01)
05. Go the Distance (From 'Hercules') (01:00:37)
06. If I Didn't Have You (From 'Monsters, Inc.') (01:04:28)
07. It's a Small World (01:08:20)
08. I See the Light (From 'Tangled') (01:11:33)
09. A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin') (01:16:09)
10. When You Wish upon a Star (From 'Pinocchio') (01:20:40)

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Dr. Bilal Phillips discusses the true way of submission and path to God and why every religion cannot be true. How there is one perfect way to reach paradise. Sheikh Bilal is himself a convert, who has gone through many stages in life, from near disbelief, Communism, Christianity, to Islam.

Eloquent, articulate and outspoken are some of the words that describe Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. His quest to search for the truth led him from his birth island of Jamaica to the streets of Toronto where he grew up and accepted Islam in 1972. This journey has led him down many paths and he is known the world over as an Islamic scholar, Lecturer, Author and Thinker. Dr. Abu Ameenah completed his B.A. from the College of Islamic Disciplines (Usool ad-Deen) at the Islamic University of Madeenah in 1979, and thereafter went on to complete his Master's in Aqeedah at the University of Riyadh in 1985 and finally obtained his PhD from the University of Wales, U.K. in Islamic Theology in 1994. He has taught Islamic Education and Arabic in private schools, lectured M.Ed. students in the Islamic Studies department of various universities and has founded Islamic information centers while traveling extensively across the globe imparting Islamic knowledge as dictated by the Islamic tradition. Abu Ameenah enjoys playing squash at least three times a week with his wife and sons as a means of keeping fit and de-stressing and he also supervises his children in martial arts. It is interesting to note that in his earlier days, he acquired a black belt in Karate. His greatest achievement is the founding of Islamic Online University that has over 3000 students and authoring over 100 Islamic books of which, the fundamentals of Tawheed is his favourite. He currently resides in Doha, Qatar with his family where continues to teach at the Islamic Studies Academy. Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook:
Follow DigitalMimbar on Twitter: LaffMobb's latest comedy skit of stand up brought to life features Jay Philips on dealing with his kids including sexting.
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Music music by audionautix.com
Лицензия на используемую музыку
Creative Commons License 3.0Este video no me pertenece
REsubo este discazo q bajaron
01. Metamorphosis 1 : 0:00
02. Metamorphosis 2 : 6:40
03. Metamorphosis 3 : 14:48
04. Metamorphosis 4 : 20:13
05. Metamorphosis 5 : 26:04
06. Mad Rush : 31:46
07. Wichita vortex sutra : 49:05
08. Glassworks, opening : 56:10
09. The hours : 1:00:55
10. Modern Love waltz : 1:09:06
Всего просмотров: 583948
Ключевые слова: Philips SPC621NC/00, веб-камера с матрицей 0.3 МП, отзывы, реальная веб камера, настройка камеры, инструкция, цена, обзор, купить, USB 2.0
Оценка Philips SPC621NC/00 на TestCamera.ru: 5 из 5 на основании 70 голосов.

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  • Отзывы покупателей о Philips SPC621NC/00: плюсы и минусы данной модели.
  • Не могу найти драйвер веб камеры Philips SPC621NC/00 под Win 8, где скачать?
  • Достаточно ли разрешения 640x480 для общения в скайпе?
  • Как подключить веб-камеру к компьютеру? Её не видно в диспетчере устройств. Подключаю к USB 2.0, но камера не работает. Что делать?
  • Всё заработало, но изображение не сфокусировано, где крутить фокусировку?
  • Нету видео и звука в скайпе, у меня SPC621NC/00, мучаюсь второй день. Помогите!
  • Куплю webcam Philips SPC621NC/00 новую или бу, можно без коробки, главное рабочую!
  • Есть ли втроенный микрофон в Филипс SPC621NC/00?
  • Хочу купить эту камеру и настроить передачу видео в реальном времени. За окном Судак. Брать её или поискать что-то получше?

Видео с веб-камеры Philips SPC621NC/00

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