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Веб-камера Proline YHT-71U

Proline YHT-71U фото
— производитель: Proline (Пролайн)
— модель: YHT-71U
— веб-камера с матрицей 0.3 МП
— разрешение видео 640x480
— подключение через USB 2.0
— встроенный микрофон
— ручная фокусировка
— артикул WC0-51262

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Описание и обзор Proline YHT-71U

Добрый день! С вами снова Игорь. Спасибо партнеру нашего сайта за предоставленый в своё время товар, сегодня на тесте веб-камера Пролайн с матрицей 0.3 МП, полное название Proline YHT-71U. Камера у меня уже 5 месяцев, хочу поделиться с вами моими впечатлениями. Неплохая камера за свои деньги, конечно есть решения в линейке Proline получше, но что есть, то есть. Менять пока не планирую, устраивает на 99%. Разрешение отснятого видео 640x480 пикселей, подключается к порту USB 2.0. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.

Rockwell Collins recently introduced a new touchscreen Pro Line Fusion avionics system which will be available as a retrofit for Pro Line II and 21 equipped King Airs, and for forward fit in new King Air C90GTx, 250 and 350i/ER models.Use the promotional code "HemiStorm10" to get a 10% discount on all your orders from www.prolineracing.com!
Today I'm painting up a true scale Ford F-150 Raptor SVT body by ProLine Racing (3389-00). Although this body is originally intended for the Traxxas Slash, the Slash 4x4 and the Team Associated SC10, a few minor alterations made it fit to my HPI Blitz as well.
I explain how in a few simple steps you can paint this thing up in a way that will make it stand out in a crowd. I used a few fades in mine, but you don't have to do that to get a good result. Patience and good preparation are the key to a successful paintjob.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a message.
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As described on the ProLine Racing website:
The PRO-MT 1:10 Monster Truck Kit is ready for Extreme Fun and non-stop Wheelie Popping Action! Pro-Line used our 30 years of experience making the highest quality and best performing accessories to create the ultimate Go Anywhere – Do Anything Monster Truck. Bashing has never been so good!
Core Features
Monster Performance and Durability The PRO-MT 1:10 Monster Truck combines Pro-Line’s World-Renowned Styling with unbelievable performance and durability that is light-years ahead of the competition. The PRO-MT jumps better, handles more power and is easier to drive than the typical Monster Truck making it way more fun!
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To visit the HemiStorm website and have a look at the products we develop for largescale RC cars, click the following link:

For HemiStorm RC Clothing, click the following link:

Intro music purchased at Productiontrax.com
License Option B: Commercial, for-profit, distribution, or broadcast, all Packages, and PhotosPro-Line is proud to introduce an all-new tire specifically designed for Scale Solid Axle Monster Trucks: the Destroyer!!
The Destroyer is made from Pro-Line’s Legendary M3 Race Rubber for Maximum Destructive Traction on Dirt or Carpet. Similar to full size Monster Truck Tires the Destroyer features an alternating deep-grooved chevron style tread pattern for incredible forward traction while maintaining a scale appearance. The overall size and width of the Destroyer tire has been finely tuned to be lightweight and agile, which makes it ideal for racing applications. The Destroyer includes soft white foam inserts for ultra-plush landings, greatly improving the handling and performance of your Solid Axle Monster Truck. The Destroyer is Destined to become the Go-To Tire for Solid Axle Monster Trucks! Get yours Today!!
*PLEASE NOTE: the Destroyer is a 2.6” tire and only fits on 2.6” Solid Axle Monster Truck Wheels*
Destroyer 2.6" M3 (Soft) All Terrain Tires
for Clod Buster Front or Rear
Product ID : 10114-02
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Check out Kevin Hetmanski's article in Car Action about this truck build. Pro-Line has come out with a great product to keep us on the track more and less searching for those pesky metal body clips. You know, the little clips that you lose more than socks in a dryer! Included with each version of the Extended Body Mounts Kit for your specific RC, the Secure-Loc cap cleans up the look of your RC and provides a great alternative to those little metal paper clip rejects!

Here's where I got them and some info from Pro-Line:

This is an Extended Body Mount Kit with Secure-Loc Caps for the XXX-SCT & TLR 22SCT Truck. Pro-Line continues to innovate with more must-have accessories for your Short Course Truck. The all-new Pro-Line body mount kit includes adjustable body mounts so you can fit any body on your truck perfectly, including Rally car bodies and True Scale Bodies! But, the Pro-Line Engineers did not stop there. Instead of just using the same old flimsy body clips that always get lost and bent, the Pro-Line Extended Body Mount kit includes a revolutionary screw on body mounting system for a strong and secure mount every time. No more getting stabbed in the finger by those nasty clips! Just screw down the included setscrew into the body mount, place the O-Ring over the setscrew and mount your body as you normally would. This new Extended Body mount kit adds safety, security and styling with Pro-Line's innovative screw on body mounting system! Get your Extended Body Mount Kit for your Losi XXX-SCT and TLR 22SCT today!

Completely adjustable body mounts so virtually any body will fit perfectly
Innovative screw on body mounting system (Secure-Loc Cap)
Designed Specifically for your Losi XXX-SCT and TLR 22SCT
Long body mounts included to fit Rally Car Bodies
Made from Ultra-Durable Nylon
Replacement parts:
6070-02 Secure-Loc Caps
Всего просмотров: 9275
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Оценка Proline YHT-71U на TestCamera.ru: 5 из 5 на основании 86 голосов.

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  • Отзывы покупателей о Proline YHT-71U: плюсы и минусы данной модели.
  • Не могу найти драйвер веб камеры Proline YHT-71U под Windows XP, где скачать?
  • Достаточно ли разрешения 640x480 для общения в skype?
  • Как подключить веб-камеру к компьютеру? Её не видно в диспетчере устройств. Подключаю к USB 2.0, но камера не работает. Что делать?
  • Всё заработало, но изображение не сфокусировано, где крутить фокусировку?
  • Нету видео и звука в skype, у меня YHT-71U, мучаюсь второй день. Помогите!
  • Куплю webcam Proline YHT-71U новую или бу, можно без коробки, главное рабочую!
  • Есть ли втроенный микрофон в Пролайн YHT-71U?
  • Хочу купить эту камеру и настроить передачу видео в реальном времени. За окном потрясающий вид. Брать её или поискать что-то получше?

Видео с веб-камеры Proline YHT-71U

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